ACRA is the only recognised representative trade association for the company registration industry. The Association was established in 1975, but has been most active during the last few years particularly throughout the process of the introduction of the Companies Act 2006. ACRA has now clearly become a well-organised and effective forum for information and official representative of company registration agents at the highest levels of Government.

Our Managing Director has been on the Board of ACRA since March 2007 and during that time we have seen the Association grow in stature considerably. The Board meet regularly with the Registrar of Companies, have an on-going dialogue with HMRC in respect of Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, and are in regular discussions with HM Treasury and relevant Government Ministers, dealing with a range of issues affecting our industry

Membership of ACRA has been hugely beneficial to our business and is being seen as increasingly prestigious in the company registration industry as well as having created a healthy atmosphere of co-operation and mutual assistance amongst its members.

The present ACRA membership accounts for over 50% of all incorporations in the private sector in the UK.

Following the introduction of the Companies Act 2006 and having taken top level legal advice ACRA instructed leading Counsel to produce bespoke Articles of Association to replace the Model Articles in the new Act. A number of ACRA members including ourselves subscribe to ACRA approved Articles of Association. These Articles were drafted by senior lawyers with over 20 years experience as members of the Law Society Standing Committee on Company Law.

ACRA continues to be at the forefront of the company formation industry with its stated intention to promote professional excellence and ethical trading standards within the industry. The Association is now well known to various authorities and its members are required to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct to ensure professional and ethical standards of operation.

Company Registrations Online Ltd is proud to be a member of ACRA and would always recommend any professional client to deal only with approved ACRA members in respect of company formation services and related company secretarial services.

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