Company Searches

Searching the register for accurate information and compiling relevant documents can often be time consuming and complex. Our highly experienced team will ensure you get all the correct historic and current information together with relevant filtered documents to match your requirements, presenting all necessary details in a comprehensive report with a full and accurate summary together with the relevant document images. All reports are expertly analysed and stringently checked to ensure accuracy with all anomalies and/or omissions identified and reported. All reports are fully indemnified.

A hybrid report combining elements of our existing UK Company Document Packages and UK Company Analysed Reports, these cost effective document packages are designed to eliminate the time spent sifting through multiple documents by providing packages that contain only the latest relevant information and documents.

Provision of information on overseas companies can be a complex matter and simply locating the appropriate registry and understanding the availability of information in various foreign jurisdictions can be extremely time consuming. Our experienced searchers are familiar with the intricacies of international business searches and will provide advice on what is available, then supply the appropriate documents and reports as fast as possible.

In addition to the advice we provide to customers via our in-house experts, you can also order your reports online with our system providing full and up to date details of what may be available in each jurisdiction.

Our highly trained and experienced searchers will check a company name at the Insolvency and Companies List (formerly known as The Companies Court) on the Central Index to determine whether there are any pending winding up petitions registered against that company. The report will contain details of any pending winding up petitions and any notices of intention to appoint an Adminstrator or appointment of an Administrator that appear on the records at the Insolvency and Companies List, together with a summary of any previous withdrawn or dismissed petitions filed since 2012.

We will endeavour to provide the result of any searches placed within 30 minutes between the hours of 10.00am and 4.30pm on any business day.

A litigation check against a company name covering England and Wales at the Royal Courts of Justice, Rolls Building providing details of any cases that are dealt with at The Business and Property Courts of the High Court, as listed below:

  • The Commercial Court
  • The Business List
  • The Admiralty Court
  • The London Commercial Circuit Court (formerly known as the Mercantile Court)
  • The Technology and Construction Court
  • The Financial List
  • The Insolvency and Companies List (formerly known as the Bankruptcy Court and Companies Court)
  • The Competition List
  • The Intellectual Property List (Including the Patents Court and Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court)
  • The Property, Trusts and Probate List
  • The Revenue List

Reports Delivered within 1 hour between the hours of 10am and 4.30pm

Delivered within 30 minutes between the hours of 10:00am and 4.30pm, this report combines the following three elements:

  1. Winding Up Search (as detailed above)
  2. The Gazette – checks for and lists any published insolvency notices on the official public record
  3. Companies House Check – checks for and provides copies of all relevant insolvency and related documents at Companies House – Also provides the official filing history and general details of a company.
Using the current Companies House system to obtain company documents can be a cumbersome process, with all available documents per company needing to be downloaded individually costing you valuable time and human resources.

We provide a choice of competitively priced document packs sourced directly from Companies House, with package types and content equivalent to that which are available via the Companies House Direct system. All packages are delivered within minutes as a single bookmarked PDF file together with an optional company profile. Bespoke packages are also available.

Free and instant access to over 155 million documents filed at Companies House on all registered companies in the UK.

A search of the Registry Trust by company name or trading name to reveal CCJs, Administration Orders and other Judgements.

A search of the Companies House archive records dating back to 1856. If the relevant company is located and the file is still available the following information and documents will be included:

  • Certificate of Incorporation and all changes of name
  • Company number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Any previous names (if available)
  • Registered Office (if available)
  • Dissolution documents
A search of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register for ‘mutual societies:

  • Friendly societies
  • Registered societies including co-operative societies and community benefit societies
  • Credit unions
  • Building societies

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