Our flagship service offering all the benefits of CompanyPro, with full membership of The Forum of Private Business which includes £50,000 worth of legal expenses insurance from only £249+vat per annum

A saving of over £440 for services if sold separately

The Forum of Private Business is a not-for-profit national business support group established since 1977 with a membership numbering in the thousands of businesses across all sectors. Your membership will entitle you to a vast range of business support services, access to business helplines and cost saving packages.

Includes all the benefits and features of CompanyPro membership Plus:

  • 12 months preferential membership of The Forum of Private Business - a complete package that most importantly, includes a comprehensive package of Legal Expenses Insurance and 24 hour helplines to assist with business guidance, growth, cost savings, legal advice and health & safety.
  • Legal Expenses cover gives up to £50,000 cover in each of the following sections:
    • Contract dispute insurance (Pre-employment package)
    • Employee dispute insurance
    • Health & Safety Prosecution cover
    • Tax Investigation cover including Aspect Cover
    • Criminal Prosecutions
    • Statutory License Protection
    • Jury Service insurance
    • Property Disputes
    • Data Protection proceedings
    • Personal Injury claims
    • Wrongful Arrest Defence
  • Telephone advice line:
    • Health & Safety
    • Pre-employment information
    • Legal issues
    • Claims notification
    • Tax & Vat

with enhanced Employment Dispute Protection

  • As your business grows and begins to employ staff, your membership can be extended in incremental stages to add full Employment Dispute Protection according to the following scale:
Number of Employees Annual Cost
0 £249.00 +vat
1 - 4 £351.50 +vat
5 - 10 £396.50 +vat
11 - 20 £441.50 +vat
21 - 30 £486.50 +vat
31 - 40 £518.00 +vat
41 - 50 £554.00 +vat
51 - 100 £644.00 +vat
  • A full Employment Guide with customizable legal document templates including contracts of employment, job interview and offer templates and much more is available at £225.00 +vat.

If you would like to order CompanyProPlus membership for an existing company please proceed to the Order Pages. If you would like to form a new company please check the availability of your company name below.


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