Internet web sites and domain names have become an integral part of most businesses. Whether or not you currently have or intend to build a web site, it is vital that you secure any relevant domain names before someone else uses them. Owning your own domain names also enables you to personalise email and present a much more professional image to your customers instead of using a generic web mail address.

Even if you prefer to use a web mail address to make it easier to pick up emails when you’re travelling, it is by far a more professional approach to use a specific domain address in your public email and set it up to forward your email to your web mail account behind the scenes.

It is worth considering your domain name in conjunction with your company name and if you are just starting up, have both registered simultaneously. Consider also which domain extensions are worthwhile and most suited to your business. It’s not expensive to register domain names so clients quite often register multiple extensions such as .com .net .org or

Please note that even if the or .com extensions for your company name are already taken, you are always able to register a domain for your company. These domains are restricted to the company of the same name. Hence if your company is called “The Company (UK) Limited” your domain would be Note that punctuation is ignored, and “&” would be “and” in the domain name.

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