Outsource your company secretarial work to us and save hours of time and resources for as little as only £79 per annum for a single company.

Accountants and professional introducers can outsource work in bulk to us for only £3 per company per month – or less depending on volumes.


It is a requirement of the Companies Act that all UK registered companies must maintain various official registers and minutes of meetings of the company. Statutory Registers as they are known comprise a permanent record of Directors and Shareholders, providing details of share allotments, transfers of shares, appointment dates of officers and records of mortgages and charges registered against the company. These documents are a legal requirement and failure to keep such records is a criminal offence. Any changes in the company's officers or shareholdings along with details of any charges registered must be recorded in these registers and records of meetings held must be noted in the company's minute book.

In addition, there are many standard forms, resolutions and returns that must be properly executed and filed with the Registrar of Companies. Directors have a personal responsibility to ensure that all public filings required by the Companies Act are made promptly and accurately.

Our CompanyView service will help you maintain all these records. The web site provides a detailed view of your company record, and is particularly helpful for clients who manage large numbers of companies. CompanyView is not a software package that assumes you know enough about company law to manage it yourself. This is a managed service where our experienced staff are at hand to assist you at every step. The web site provides an interface for you to send various instructions whereupon our staff will produce all statutory paperwork, and electronically file any documents at Companies House on your behalf.

The following is a brief summary of what CompanyView gives you:

  • Minutes and Resolutions produced on request
  • Companies House forms filed electronically
  • Statutory Registers updated and maintained
  • Management diaries produced monthly detailing forthcoming events
  • Pre-emptive production of confirmation statements with shareholder details complete
  • Full company details available online
  • All your limited company records always completely up to date
  • Proactive reminders for confirmation statements and accounts due dates
  • Free advice and assistance on all aspects of statutory company matters

A full schedule is available below

Protect Against Corporate Identity Fraud

CRO Monitoring is built in to CompanyView to help identify any circumstances where unscrupulous operators fraudulently try to lodge documents such as directorship appointments. This is an ever-increasing problem enabling criminals to open and operate bank accounts and conduct fraudulent transactions in your company name.

Our document monitoring service will keep an eye on your company and monitor documents as they are filed at Companies House. As soon as any document is filed, we will immediately check whether it is a legitimate filing, and if not we will take the appropriate action to rectify the problem on your behalf.

CRO Monitoring is free of charge to clients using CompanyView.

Electronic Filing of Accounts

CompanyView includes a facility to electronically file abbreviated and dormant company accounts at Companies House. If you are an accountant, this prevents the need to have clients sign abbreviated accounts and all the consequent administrative delays in lodging these documents. It saves having to log in for each company if you were to use Companies House web filing.

The necessary details are entered in just a few moments and can save hours of time chasing clients for documents, and negate the cost of postage and paperwork associated with the process.

What it Costs

The Managed Company Secretarial Service with CompanyView from Company Registrations Online provides a comprehensive company secretarial service, which will alleviate the burden of maintaining statutory records and Companies House filings. For only £3.00 per company per month for clients outsourcing companies in bulk, the benefits of a fully managed service far outweigh the investment in cost, management time and training required to operate specialised software.

Note for Accountants

CompanyView is designed to allow you to view details and issue instructions for changes for all your limited company clients. Whether you look after 5 or 500 limited clients, CompanyView gives you 24-hour access to statutory details for your client base. We have a competitive pricing structure offering significant reductions for clients placing multiple companies in the scheme. Contact us for a demonstration.

For professional introducers the cost is based on the number of companies entered into the scheme and then reviewed periodically. There is an initial set up charge of £4.00 per company to cover the cost of obtaining the information from Companies House and any disbursements paid in connection with statutory fees and searches are charged separately. Services are then invoiced monthly and paid by standing order according to the charges shown above.


All the following events are covered in our standard service agreement. There is no limit regarding the frequency of use of the service.

Events and Procedures Companies House Forms/Resolutions
Confirmation Statements Form CS01
Appointment of Director Form AP01
Appointment of Corporate Director Form AP02
Appointment of Secretary Form AP04
Resignation of Director Form TM01
Resignation of Secretary Form TM02
Change in officer details Forms CH01 to CH04
Change in Registered Office Form AD01
Notification of Single Alternative Inspection Address Form AD02
Allotment of Shares Form SH01
Variation of Share Class Rights Extraordinary Resolution
Change in Accounting Reference Date Form AA01
Resolution for Change of Company Name Special Resolution and forms NM01 to NM05
Approval of Accounts Board Minute
Dormant Company Accounts (on request) Balance Sheet
Dividends Tax Vouchers
Share re-structuring:  
 - Re-designation of share classes SH08, Resolution, share certificates
 - Alteration to class rights SH10
 - Sub-divisions SH02, Resolution, share certificates
 - Consolidations SH02, Resolution, share certificates
Accompanying statutory minutes are automatically produced to accompany all forms as required.
Other Forms/Resolutions Company Registers
Stock Transfer Forms Register of Directors and Secretaries
Share Certificates Register of Directors' Share and Debenture Interests
Board Meeting to Convene a General Meeting Register of Mortgages and Charges
Consent to Short Notice of a General Meeting  
Board Meeting to Approve Accounts  
Dividend Tax Vouchers and Approval Minutes  

Money Laundering Regulations

Click here for advice regarding Anti Money Laundering Regulations and how they affect this service.


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