Corporate Services


Corporate Services

Are you in search of a reliable corporate services provider to meet your business needs? Look no further than CRO, a trusted corporate services company that offers a comprehensive range of solutions. As a leading corporate service provider, we understand the complexities of modern business operations and are committed to providing tailored services to streamline your corporate processes.

A comprehensive option to outsource all your company secretarial work. The service can save hours of time and ensures all your statutory documents all always up to date. CRO provides first class professional advice and support, ensuring Companies House filings are made on time, and keeping your minute books and share certificates properly maintained.

Protect your home address from the public record and save the burden of routine business correspondence arriving at your home address by using our address to create the impression of a prestigious office location.

Similarly to the Registered Office, this service prevents unwanted intrusion at your home address and protects you from publicising your personal details. Whether or not you run your business from home you can ensure your home address is not available in the public domain.

Whilst a UK private company is not obliged by law to have a Company Secretary, the appointment of a professional body to the role can provide added professionalism for your company and fulfil an important role for the company.

Whilst you are obliged by law to divulge the identity of beneficial owners of your company, there are occasions where it becomes necessary or helpful to have shares held by a nominee.

Whether for convenience or for reasons of confidentiality if a shareholder owns less than 25% of a company a nominee can bring many practical benefits.

If you have a requirement to make a specific change to your company such as a detailed reorganization of share capital we can accept instructions on an ad-hoc basis across a wide range of possible events; from complicated changes in share capital to changing a company name, or a full reconstruction of statutory records for an existing company.

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