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Your own fully staffed company secretarial department

Proactive, easy to operate and cost effective

Outsourced Solutions for Accountants

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For Professional Clients

“Your own fully staffed company secretarial department
which is proactive, easy to operate and cost effective”

CompanyView – Outsourced solutions

We are often approached by accountancy firms who have identified the need to improve the service they offer to their clients, whether from the perspective of improving efficiency, reducing internal overhead or most likely, both. The CompanyView service gives accountants the ideal solution.

CompanyView is a managed service, not just company secretarial software. The CompanyView secretarial web site allows you to instruct us to make changes to companies, compile reports and view all your client details in one place.

Little or no training is required, and our experienced team is on hand to assist with the preparation of documentation, advise on processes and keep you on target to meet all your client filing dates. In effect you will get your own fully staffed company secretarial department at a fraction of the cost of employing your own team.

The service is cost-effective and will improve efficiency overall by enabling your staff to concentrate on their key roles.

5 reasons to use CompanyView

CompanyView is cost effective

Leave the company secretarial work to CRO and improve your efficiency by having your people focus on what your firm does best.

Many clients using the CompanyView service have created significant cost savings by re-deploying valuable staff to fee earning roles instead of being tied down to producing company forms, resolutions and statutory registers.

CompanyView is pro-active

  • A full ‘health check’ is conducted on every company when added to the service, and any discrepancies will be highlighted and resolved
  • You will receive comprehensive compliance diaries every month detailing filing dates for accounts, confirmation statements and any outstanding issues
  • We will monitor Companies House every day to ensure nothing is filed for your client companies without your knowledge
  • We will provide advice on compiling PSC registers and all other company secretarial matters
  • We will ensure Confirmation Statements are properly maintained and ensure filing fees are paid on time
  • We will keep you informed of any new legislation that affects statutory documents and filings

CompanyView is easy to operate

  • No training required
  • Intuitive web pages, a quick and simple process, and easy to use
  • View all your client details in one place 24/7
  • Access from anywhere at any time with a simple secure login
  • Issue instructions for changes, view and print client company reports
  • It’s all online – no complicated software to operate, maintain or update

CompanyView saves you time and improves efficiency

  • Instead of doing all the work yourself, we do it for you
  • We provide all paperwork – registers, resolutions, share certificates etc
  • Pro-active compliance diaries – never forget a filing deadline again
  • Companies House is monitored on a daily basis to ensure your records are always up to date
  • Includes free corporate identity fraud protection
  • Comprehensive reports available at any time
  • Professional advice and assistance with all Company Law matters
  • No need to worry about holiday cover, sickness, retraining or succession planning – our experienced team are always available
  • Save time training new staff on the complexities of Company Law

CompanyView service levels and documentation included

Once you have sent your instruction, we will produce all minutes, resolutions and forms, file electronically where instructed and update the statutory registers.

We specialise in providing comprehensive Cosec management services tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team offers a range of expert Cosec services designed to simplify compliance and governance tasks for your organisation. Whether you’re an accounting professional seeking company secretarial software for accountants or a business owner in need of reliable solutions, we have you covered.

A fully working demonstration database is available on the CompanyView website

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What it Costs

For professional introducers we charge only £3.50 per company per month for clients outsourcing a portfolio of companies, subject to a minimum spend of £100 per month and a minimum 12 month commitment on the service.

The benefits of a fully managed service far outweigh the investment in cost, management time and training required to operate specialised software and fund a fully staffed company secretarial department.

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