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We offer a registration service for the Register of Overseas Entities, which
was introduced under the Economic Crime
(Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022.

We are an approved agent by Companies House.

The Register of Overseas Entities applies retrospectively to overseas entities who bought property or land on or after 1 January 1999 in England and Wales, or 8 December 2014 in Scotland.

Overseas entities that acquire UK land and property after 5 September 2022 will have to register with Companies House before completing the acquisition.

Retrospective registrations will have until 31 January 2023 to register with Companies House and tell us who their registrable beneficial owners or managing officers are. For Northern Ireland, overseas entities only need to register property or land bought on or after 1 August 2022. Entities that disposed of property or land anywhere in the UK after 28 February 2022 will also need to register and give details of that disposal, even if that entity is now otherwise out of scope of the requirement to register with Companies House.

After the registration of the overseas entity has been submitted, a statement must be filed by a UK registered agent within 14 days.

The process for registering an overseas entity is as follows:

Gather information needed to register

Information on beneficial owners to be verified by UK registered agent. Verification checks for individuals should involve looking at both evidence to match their identity as well as evidence of the condition met to be a beneficial owner (or managing officer).

Agent to register and file statement

CROinfo can provide this service completing the overseas searches on beneficial owners, verifying the identification and submitting to Companies House.

What information will be shown on the public register:

Most of the information given to Companies House about overseas entities, beneficial owners and managing officers will be publicly available on the Register of Overseas Entities.

Companies House will not show:

  • home addresses
  • full dates of birth – only the month and year will be shown
  • the agent assurance code
  • the date verification checks were completed
  • information about trusts, however it may be shared with HMRC
  • email addresses

What happens after an overseas entity is registered:

If the application is accepted, the overseas entity and its beneficial owners and managing officers will be added to the Register of Overseas Entities. We’ll also email the notice of registration to the overseas entity. This will include the Overseas Entity ID, which must be given to the Land Registry whenever the entity buys, sells or transfers land or property in the UK.

The cost of the service will be £500 plus vat per registration which will include verification plus the Companies House registration fee of £100. If we are unable to obtain the necessary verification documentation and consequently are unable to register the ROE, there will be an administration charge of £250 plus vat. However, if subsequently we are provided with admissible verification documentation, then the £250 plus vat will be deducted from the our fees leaving a balance payable of £350 plus vat.

The timescale will vary depending on how long it takes us to obtain verification documents etc. However, once we’ve carried out the verification to our satisfaction the registration process with Companies House is currently taking around 2-3 working days.

To proceed please email [email protected] and we will send an application form to you.