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Improve efficiency and reduce cost by outsourcing all your company secretarial duties to our dedicated experienced team.

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Direct Cosec Services

It is a requirement of the Companies Act that all UK registered companies must maintain various official registers and minutes of meetings of the company. The official Statutory Registers of a company comprise a permanent record of Directors and Shareholders, providing details of share allotments, transfers of shares, appointment dates of officers and records of mortgages and charges registered against the company. There are severe criminal penalties against directors personally where a company fails to comply with the rules of the Companies Act.

Our company secretarial service can ensure that your company is compliant with the law and its corporate duties handled with expertise and experience. Outsourcing this work to us will not only save you time, but it will ensure that your company is complying with legal requirements for maintaining official registers. Please also see our fair usage policy.

Our Direct Company Secretarial Services can help ensure your corporation remains compliant

  • There are many standard forms, resolutions and returns that must be properly prepared and filed with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Directors have a personal responsibility to ensure that their company registers are up to date at all times.
  • Changes to directors and shareholders need to be recorded in properly structured minutes of meetings.
  • Shareholders must be given properly executed share certificates.
  • Companies must adhere to filing deadlines prescribed by the Companies Act.
  • Failure to comply with the above is a criminal offence and directors can be fined and disqualified for non-compliance.

If you’re busy running your own company it makes sense to outsource your company secretarial work to us and save hours of time and resources for as little as only £79 per annum for a single company.

If you have a larger portfolio of companies to look after, or if you are an accountancy firm, or other professional organisation seeking a solution to your company secretarial matters, please go to our CompanyView service page for information on our fully managed company secretarial services.

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