Since October 2009, directors of UK companies have been able to benefit from keeping their home address confidential. The Companies Act 2006 introduced new legislation allowing directors of UK limited companies to file a Service Address for the public record.

This is an important feature for all company directors enabling them to avoid the need to show their home address on the public Companies House register. Directors will still be required to lodge their usual residential address with the Registrar of Companies but this information will be kept off the public record and made available only to approved public authorities such as Police and HMRC, along with certified credit reference agencies.

Directors of existing companies are able to file a service address after which their previously filed residential address will no longer appear on searches of current details.

Key Points:

  • Protect from public disclosure of your personal address
  • Protect yourself and your family from unwanted intrusion
  • Privacy regarding official documents
  • Prevention of unsolicited marketing mail
  • Ensure continuity of important official mail delivery if you change address
  • Overseas customers benefit from an official UK address

Our Service

There are clear advantages to using a service address particularly to protect your home and family from unwanted intrusion whether by mail or in person. It will especially benefit those who may be intending to change address, those who spend long periods away from home, and those involved in sensitive occupations.

Our Director Service Address facility operates in much the same way as our Registered Office Service. For a small annual fee a director can use our office address in Cheshire as a registered service address. All public records at Companies House will show this address in searches carried out on your company, and any correspondence addressed to you will be forwarded to your specified location either in the UK or overseas unopened or dealt with according to your instructions.

Where the forwarding address is within the UK, up to 15 items of mail per year will be forwarded free of charge. Should this limit be exceeded, we will charge an additional £1.50+vat per item. Where the forwarding address is outside the UK, we will charge postage only on the first 15 items of mail sent, and thereafter a charge of £1.50+VAT for each item.

Under no circumstances will your forwarding address or your residential address be divulged to a third party without your express written consent unless in accordance with a Court order or under direction from an official investigating authority.

Money Laundering Regulations

Click here for advice regarding Anti Money Laundering Regulations and how they affect this service.


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