We’ve previously written about direct company secretarial services and the benefits they offer. Now, in this article, we’re taking a look at Cosec service schedules, the reasons why you should invest in them and why you should choose CRO to handle everything for you.

What Are Company Secretarial Service Schedules?

As providers of company registrations services and many other key services, we can help you stay on top of all procedures your company needs to follow throughout the year. Many events are covered by an annual fee that ensures we take care of all documentation, from filing paperwork with Companies House to updating your company registers.

As you may know, as required under the  Companies Act 2006, companies have to maintain certain records under law, including minutes, and registers, but this can be a time-consuming task. If you’re not used to doing this type of admin or don’t fully understand all its intricate ins and outs, you may also end up making mistakes that can prove costly.

It’s crucial that you submit all documentation to Companies House in a timely manner, but it’s also vital that all information is correct. Again, we can help with this.

We shoulder the admin burden while ensuring all paperwork is error-free for your peace of mind.

 The Benefits of Cosec Service Schedules

Businesses can greatly benefit from our company secretarial service schedules (Managed Company Secretarial Service – CompanyView), as well as from our expert advice. This includes advice about following the correct procedures, as our experts have many years of experience and knowledge in the industry and, therefore, know everything there is to know about the topic.

You can also expect help when it comes to drafting key documents and notices and assistance with complex issues and meeting minutes services.

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With our service schedules, we can:

Produce Notices of Meetings

This means listing all items of business to be discussed in your meetings and will include elements like time and date, order of business, and more.

Provide Minutes for Meetings

Minutes are essential – and legal – documents, so it’s important that they’re done correctly. Minutes tend to include the legal record of things like major decisions made by companies (by the directors and shareholders).

Minutes must also be recorded for a minimum of ten years, so you need to ensure they’re done well and never lose them. We can help with all this, so let us know if you’re interested in our Cosec services, which will help your day-to-day run a lot smoother.

Draft Documents

Another area CRO excels in is creating important documents, which will put your mind at ease that we know what we’re doing and will take the burden off your hands.

This documentation includes confirmation statements (which you must do every year), forms, resolutions and so on. While it may not seem like a lot at a glance, this type of admin work can take up a lot of your precious time, so, by hiring us to take care of everything instead, you’ll free up time you can then use to focus on other aspects of your business.

Inform Directors of Important Information

Directors and officers are often incredibly busy, so adding more minutiae to their plates can do more harm than good. With our company secretarial support, however, we ensure that all the Is are dotted, and all the Ts crossed – and that directors, officers and shareholders can focus on what’s important instead of having to keep track of it all when they’re already busy.

Restructure Shares

Another time-consuming (and easy-to-get-wrong) task, restructuring shares is a complicated matter that requires specialist assistance to ensure all paperwork is done right, and we can certainly help you with this at CRO.

Our services include the re-designation of share classes, the alteration to class rights, consolidations, reduction of share capital, and so on.

We can help with many more things you require, such as changing your company name, managing dividends, strike off applications, changing registered office, etc. So talk to us to learn more.

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Service Schedules with CRO

We understand that every business is different and has different needs, which is why we provide many Cosec management services to make your life easier.

At CRO, we’ll help you manage your duties and responsibilities as a company director, whether you want to try our direct Cosec services or use our ad hoc company secretarial services instead.

Fill out our online form with your enquiry, and we’ll be happy to discuss your company’s unique requirements with you.