We are thrilled to announce CRO is fast becoming the go-to provider of corporate services due to our tailored services and unique approach. There is an extensive list of reasons why professionals such as law librarians, lawyers, accountants, business owners, and company directors opt for CRO over other service providers. So here, we will explore these reasons, chart our growth trajectory, and examine our structure as an employee-owned enterprise, which is a significant contributor to our success.

Why Companies Are Migrating to CRO

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, professionals—ranging from law librarians, lawyers and accountants to business owners and company directors—are placing their trust in CRO. They see value in aligning with an organisation that provides reliable services with over 30 years of business experience.

The reliability of our services rests primarily upon our expertise. With a deep understanding of Information Service Provision and Company Law, CRO effortlessly manages complex, time-consuming worldwide corporate searches and secretarial tasks. For example, with our wide range of corporate information services under CRO Info®, we have a consistent level of service that enables peace of mind and progress for our clients.

A cornerstone of CRO Info® has always been our ability to anticipate and adapt to change. We’re not just thriving; we are evolving and expanding our services to meet both industry demands and our clients’ needs. Our continuous growth is underpinned by a culture of innovation, meaning we remain at the forefront, consistently offering top-tier, up-to-date solutions.

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A testament to our excellence is in the shifting landscape of the industry itself, where even clients of our competitors have begun migrating to CRO Info®. This shift is due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Significant staff losses affecting service quality
  • Substantial price increases
  • Challenges in fulfilling orders
  • A lack of focus on corporate information services

These issues contrast with CRO Info®’s specialised, reliable, and comprehensive service offerings, making us an attractive alternative. Therefore, this shift not only highlights our unmatched expertise and innovative services but also underpins our ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences that appeal even to those from our rival firms.

Because of these reasons, CRO has built a formidable reputation as an industry leader over time. This status emanates from customer testimonials and is underlined by our track record of excellence within the industry. It manifests in our long-standing relationships with our clients:

“We have worked with CRO for over twenty years, and they are always professional, easy to get hold of and with very reasonable costs. They have become valued partners, enabling us to ensure we never miss any deadlines as well as provide additional expert advice to our company clients.”

By choosing CRO as opposed to others in the industry, lawyers and law librarians are opting for a blend of reliability, vast experience, continuous growth, and a stellar reputation. They are choosing peace of mind in their due diligence and regulatory compliance and more time to focus on core business tasks.

Evolution and Expansionrebecca and sarah CRO

As a company committed to staying ahead, we are constantly evolving and expanding our offerings to reinforce our position as an innovative industry leader. A prime example of this growth is the development of our CRO Info® services. To meet our clients’ diverse needs, we have extended the range of corporate information services available, elevating our standards of client support and decision-making assistance.

The expansion involved not only our Cardiff office (to a space five times larger than our previous office) but also the recruitment of new staff, bringing in fresh talent and expertise to enhance our service offerings. This combination of a contemporary workspace and enriched human resources drives our innovation in the due diligence and corporate information service field.

Pictured right are two of our new recruits, Rebecca and Sarah, who have joined the team at our Cardiff offices.

Behind the Success: Understanding CRO’s Employee-Owned Structure

Another reason professionals are choosing CRO is our recent transformation into an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). This decision empowers our team with the unique experience of becoming beneficial owners of the enterprise they work for. EOTs motivate employees to reach new levels of dedication and performance and create a sense of unity by aligning the interests of all involved. By choosing an EOT like CRO, clients select a quality service provider and a partner committed to excellence.

Testimonials and Success Stories

At CRO, we take immense pride in the success stories and positive feedback of our clients – each reflecting our dedication to excellence. These testimonials do not just depict satisfied customers but reveal successful partnerships that have supported businesses, such as law firms. So, allow us to share some inspiring reviews and success stories from those who have experienced firsthand the benefits of our services:

“We have worked with CRO for many years, their team are extremely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful and polite. They provide a fast and efficient service and are always willing to assist with the less than usual as well as the routine.”

 “A superb company to deal with! Great customer service from knowledgeable staff who are extremely professional and efficient whilst still being friendly and approachable. Response times to emails or requests were very quick and impressive. The step-by-step explanation provided ensured that the whole process went smoothly and was much appreciated. I would recommend this company to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever!”

Navigating Forward with CRO

Ready to navigate your business forward? The right partner can make all the difference, and CRO Info® has proven to be just that.

By choosing us over alternate options, you can join the other lawyers, law firms, and law librarians doing just the same, not just selecting a service provider – choosing an innovative leader dedicated to their success.

Get in touch for more information or to start your journey today.