The closure of Companies House Direct (CHD) and WebCHeck, both online services offered by Companies House, has been underway for some time, and there have been many updates along the way. However, it has now been officially announced that the closure will take place on the 30th of November 2023.

CHD is a subscription-based service that provides access to information on Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) through Companies House’s official website. It lets users view or download documents filed at Companies House, allowing them to order copies or keep their own records on their devices.

Similarly, WebCHeck is an online searchable index offered by Companies House that enables users to search for information on millions of companies. It also offers other features, such as the ability to view filing history and company records online.

As these online tools have been operational for a considerable amount of time, we understand that the confirmation of their closure date could cause stress and uncertainty for users about what is to come next, which is why we’re here to put minds at ease.

What Can I Use Instead of CHD and WebCHeck?

CHD and WebCHeck users should use the Find and Update Company Information (CHS – Companies House Service) service instead, available on the Government website. This service is fully accessible and has already replaced most of the functionality provided by CHD and WebCHeck, so you can rest assured that it is perfectly useful and gets the job done.

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Find and Update Company Information Features

Various helpful features are available on Find and Update Company Information; let’s look at what some of them do.

Advanced Company Search

The Advanced Search feature allows users to conduct detailed searches for information on companies and individuals in the UK. This feature allows users to refine their search criteria by specifying parameters such as company name, registration number, officer name, or address. It also allows users to search for companies or individuals based on the nature of their business activities, industry classification codes, or other key details. In addition, users can filter search results based on various parameters, such as active or dissolved companies, appointment status of company officers, or filing history.

The Advanced Search feature is designed to help users quickly and easily find the information they need about companies and individuals in the UK. This feature is particularly useful for those who need to conduct due diligence, research potential business partners or competitors, or investigate potential fraud or other misconduct.

Dissolved Company Search

The Dissolved Search feature allows users to search for information on companies that have been dissolved or are no longer registered in the UK. This feature is useful for individuals and businesses that need to access historical information on companies that are no longer active, such as for research, legal, or regulatory purposes.

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Users can search for dissolved companies by entering the name of the company, its registration number, or former name . The search results provide basic information about the dissolved company, including its name, registration number, date of incorporation, date of dissolution, and last known address.

In addition, the Dissolved Search feature also provides access to the recent filing history of the dissolved company during its active period. These documents may include annual returns, financial statements, and other regulatory filings, which can provide valuable insights into the company’s activities and financial performance.

Alphabetical Search

The Alphabetical Search feature allows users to browse and search for information on all registered companies in the UK, arranged alphabetically by name. This feature provides an easy and convenient way to find basic information on any company, such as its registered name, registration number, and current status.

To use the Alphabetical Search feature, users can simply select the first letter of the company name they are looking for, which will display a list of all companies registered in the UK whose names begin with that letter. Users can then browse the list or use the search box to find a specific company by name or registration number.

It also provides basic information on each company, such as its registered number, and current status. In addition, users can access detailed information on the company’s filing history, officers, and other relevant details by clicking on the company’s name in the search results.

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A Note from Companies House Direct

It’s important to note that all records of companies dissolved since January 2010 are available on the Find and Update Company Information service, and CHD/WebCHeck will continue to keep records of dissolved companies for 20 years from the date of dissolution, with their long-term intention to make all these records available for free on the new service.

However, dissolved records from before January 2010 up to 20 years from the date of dissolution will not be available on the Find and Update Company Information service until the measures relating to the suppression of personal information in the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill are implemented.

If you need assistance navigating this new tool, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.