We have been lobbying Companies House to re-introduce their same-day certified copy service for company documents and certificates. As a result, we’ve now received the following statement from Companies House:

“Following our last meeting and the subsequent information provided, which was really useful and played a big role in informing our thinking. We have decided to re-instate a same day service for Certificates and Certified Copies – we are currently planning for this to be from 1st March 2022 but will keep you informed if that changes.

Our longer-term aim remains to deliver a fully digital service on CHS. To respond to your concerns quickly, we will initially re-instate the service on CH Direct (and support orders via Contact Centre account holders) as before.

There are a couple of provisos to be aware of:

The cut-off will be 11am

Post will be the only delivery option for the physical product (no collection). However, customers will be able to request the additional email copy if required.”

As you’re aware, the standard service for receiving certified copies by post takes around 2-3 days from the point of order. The re-introduction of a same-day service will therefore only speed the process up by about 1-2 days, given that postage will be the only option.

We are currently further lobbying Companies House to provide a collection service from their office in Cardiff. As this will aid company secretarial services exponentially. They currently have no plans to re-open their Companies House London office to provide this service from there. I will keep you informed of any further developments.