There are plenty of reasons why your business’ registered office may need to change. Perhaps you’re upsizing due to an expansion, or maybe you’re relocating due to a change in rental fees. Whatever the reason for your move, informing the right people about your change of address is essential for the smooth runnings of your company.

So, to help you out, we’re looking into how a company can change its registered office. Whilst it’s not a complicated process, there are various guidelines you must follow in line with government regulations, so you must complete the process correctly. To do so, we have put together this helpful guide that also explains how the knowledgeable and experienced professionals here at Company Registrations Online can assist with our ad hoc company secretarial services.


What is Meant by Registered Office Address?

A registered office address is the official primary address of a business, where you initially confirmed your location when setting up your private limited company through your online company registration. This is the address that HMRC, Companies House, and other governing bodies will direct their post as the company owners can easily pick it up.

The address can be any type of building, such as an office, shop, warehouse, or even a residential home. However, the latter is often undesirable as a registered office address is readily available to the public, which can cause a long list of problems and inconveniences if a private residential home is used.


Letters sent to a company's registered office address


Why Does My Company Need a Registered Office Address?

As mentioned, a company must have a registered office address so that all correspondence from government officials can be directed there, no matter what the building is and who occupies it. So, it must be an address that the company owners can access. Your company must have a registered office address for several reasons, including:

  • It’s a legal requirement. When setting up your business, you will be prompted to register your company’s address, and you cannot continue your application if you do not provide this due to it being a legal requirement.
  • Your company’s image. As the information is public, you must have an officially registered address. If not, potential customers, clients, and other businesses will not want to work with you as you appear unofficial and, therefore, untrustworthy.
  • Stay informed and connected. You must be able to receive correspondence from governing bodies such as HMRC, so there must be an official address to which this can be directed. Failure to respond to this correspondence (context depending) could result in legal action against your company.


What Guidelines Do I Need to Follow to Change My Business’ Registered Office Address?

There are numerous reasons you would need to change your business’ registered office address, including relocation due to an expansion or a change in rental rates. However, no matter the reasoning, it is a legal requirement to follow all guidelines regarding changing the registered office address.

For example, your new address must be located in the same part of the UK where your company was initially registered. So, if you opened your business at an address in England, your new address must also be in England. This is the same rule for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. However, suppose the company was registered under English and Welsh jurisdiction. In that case, the change of address can be in either England or Wales unless you wish to use bilingual English/Welsh documentation, in which case you must be located in Wales.

Another guideline is that although you can use a residential building as a registered office address, it is not advisable. This information is visible to the public, meaning you would lose an aspect of your privacy.


Book of regulations


In addition, it’s important to note that despite using our direct Cosec services to legally change your registered office address, your previous addresses are still available to the public for not only your company’s lifetime but also for the twenty years following its closure.


How Can I Change My Business’ Registered Office Address?

Changing your business’ registered office address is simple with the help of our Cosec management services. Much like when you initially registered your business, the change is simple and quick. All you must do is inform us of the change and when this will take place, and we can begin the process. We will notify Companies House through the form AD01, and the change will be made official from that day. However, it’s important to note that documents could be sent to your previous address up to fourteen days after this date.

There are two ways you can take advantage of this fantastic service through Company Registrations Online. The first is through our Cosec management services, in which we take an annual payment which covers an extensive list of events, including a change in registered office address. This ensures that all documents are correct, legal, and sent to the right places.

In addition, if this is a one-time occurrence, you can use our ad hoc services, which are individual secretarial transactions that you can use as and when you need them. Whatever it is you need, we are more than happy to help as we understand how valuable your time is.

Take a look at our company schedule to find out more about our company secretarial services and how they can provide hassle-free business admin.